egg beneficial forEggs are known to be powerhouse of innumerable vital minerals and vitamins. These essential minerals and vitamins help significantly to put limit over starvation as well as to develop tremendous lean muscle. The best thing is eggs are not so expensive and easy to cook as well. So, every individual can afford and may enjoy its associated endless health benefits as well. You can incorporate eggs in several ways like half boil, hard boiled, scrambled or fried also. Eggs are not just delicious but nutritious too if cooked in right manner. Here are some excellent reasons are provided to know you that why including eggs in everyday regimen is essential:

1. Promote iron consumption:-
If you get frequently affected with fatigue, irritability and headaches, then it indicates that you are at a risk of iron deficiency. Therefore visit your expert health care provider and get your blood tested. Consumption of an egg daily is one of the best solutions for People with low iron level. Eggs contain an abundant source of iron called heme iron, which is easily soak up by the body and helps to overcome blood disorder condition like anemia.

2. Ensures weight loss:-
Include eggs in your daily breakfast as it known to have high satiety index, hence due to which keeps you fuller for long hours. Consumption of eggs may prove extremely beneficial for highly obese or overweight people in order to reduce their extra weight. Sever studies have found that people who include jam, eggs and toast in breakfast, stay full for long hours than people who consume yogurt, bagels and other cream cheese in breakfast. Hence, including an egg in everyday breakfast ensures weight in check, keeps you full and put limits over your intake of calorie as well. Do not forget to include whole grain, vegetable or fruits along with eggs to make a complete healthy meal.

3. Boost brain health:-
Eggs holds most vital nutrient called choline in reach concentration. This important nutrient plays a key role during pregnancy as it helps considerably in growth of infant’s brain. Only one single egg fulfills 28 percent of daily choline requirement of pregnant women.

4. Keeps cataracts at bay and protect vision:-
Same like spinach and broccoli, eggs also plays a dominant role in reducing possibilities of building up cataracts, age-related retina and lens degeneration. Consumption of eggs ensures healthy eyes. Eggs include two important antioxidant called lutein and zeaxanthine which maintains healthy eyes and provides protection from injurious UV rays as well.

5. Powerhouse of good quality protein:-
Protein is essential for body as it aids to develop new tissues and also repairs the old one. Protein is built up of amino acids and body needs nine prime amino acids to obtain from diet. There is handful of foods that holds all nine amino acids. Among several of them eggs is one, which contains good quality of protein accompanied by beef, fish and milk.

6. Helps to achieve strong and healthy bones:-
Eggs are filled with vitamin D, which is necessary not only for calcium absorption but also for maintaining strong bones. Generally people obtain this vital vitamin by exposing their body to sunlight. People who are living in northern hemisphere and cold place no need to worry because for such people consumption of egg is good option. In cold place sunlight is barely available. Vitamin D present in eggs aids in calcium absorption and maintains healthy bones. Besides that, it delays onset of osteoporosis as well.

7. Prevents from occurrence of breast cancer:-
Several studies have disclosed that women who consume egg on daily basis are less likely to suffer from breast cancer.

8. Strengthens immune system:-
An excellent source of vitamin D present in egg helps to boost immune system and makes your body such powerful that it can easily combats several common health disorders. Apart from vitamin D, eggs are packed with vitamin A which assists in raising the working of your immune system.

9. Best for healthy hairs and nails:-
If your body goes through lack of nutrients, then there are higher chances that your hairs and nails are mainly to be affected. Daily intake of eggs helps you to acquire bouncy hair and strong nails. Eggs contain amino acids, vitamins and mineral in large quantity, hence consequently maintains healthy hairs and strong nails.

10. Beats birth defects
Excessive amount of folate and choline present in egg plays an important role in keeping birth defects at bay. These two essential nutrients is necessity of pregnant women during their first trimester since it reduces risk of neural tube defects.

11. Boost cardiac health:-
Great source of choline found in eggs controls the working of cardiac system. This in turn assists to boosts a healthy and optimally working body. Daily intake of eggs keeps you away from several life threatening diseases like heart attack, stroke and blood clots.

12. Lowers possibilities of tumors:-
The important mineral called selenium found in eggs protects you from attack of cancer to a great extent. According to numerous studies, men who are consuming eggs on regular basis are less likely to develop tumors in the prostate.

13. Raises level of HDL cholesterol:-
Several studies indicate that eggs are capable to raise HDL cholesterol level that is good one in the body. If you include eggs in your daily regimen, then possibilities are high that you will raise good cholesterol. Keep in mind that cholesterol found in eggs has no impact over your throughout blood cholesterol level.

14. Good for diabetes:-
People affected with diabetes cannot consume pancakes, breakfast cereals and waffles as these food items are rich in sugar. Hence for such diabetic patient consumption of an egg daily is good solution because it keeps blood sugar level in check. It would be better if you take it along with whole grain and vegetable to achieve maximum benefits.

15. Reduces risk of inflammation:-
Since eggs are highly loaded with choline, thus reduces threat of inflammation in body. Several studies have proved that several inflammations enhance possibilities of developing Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

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